In-App Voice Assistants for e-commerce Apps

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Multilingual Voice Commerce Platform
for your e-commerce apps

You know SaaS.
We give you VAaaS.

VAaaS - Voice Assistants as a Service - simplifies the process to add Voice Assistant in a self-serve mode into your existing mobile and web apps

3 Innovations in Slang CONVA to make your life simpler

 Easy integration

Easy Integration

You don't need specialized engineering skills or undergo a steep learning curve as a brand to implement a Voice Assistant in your e-commerce App

Simple Commercials

VAaaS provides meaningful commercial models linked to your voice usage and breaks the entry barrier completely for even startups & experiments

Simple Commercials

Managed Complexity

Designing Voice Conversations, Training Models, Continuous Learning, Performant Backend, Hardware and Network Infrastructure for Voice Stack - every Voice Assistant complexity is managed by us

3 reasons your e-commerce app needs Slang In-App Voice Assistant

Expand customer base

Cater to the 400+ million users who find it hard to use English-only and Touch based e-commerce app as they are accustomed to the vernacular languages OR they are just not digital-savvy!

Increase Buying Frequency

Appeal to expert users of e-commerce apps who are frustrated with the repetitive tasks that they have to perform while shopping on app. Help them do it faster, simpler - and buy more often!

Improve NPS & Loyalty

Delight your frequent users by enabling the convenience of a handsfree multitasking shopping and convert your most frequent shoppers on app to loyal customers for life!

Features of CONVA

World’s first in-App Voice Assistant Platform

Slang CONVA powers all of Slang’s In-App Voice Assistants

Features of Slang In-App Voice Assistant

Voice Search

Search products and information using voice

Voice Actions

Perform common app actions using voice
Features of in-App Voice Assistant

Voice Navigation

Jump to any screen with simple voice commands

Voice Promotion

Promote deals & offers contextually using voice

Domains supported by Slang CONVA

Slang CONVA offers pre-built In-App Voice Assistants for several domains with well-designed voice experiences

3 Simple Steps to Integrate

Signup to Slang CONVA and pick a pre-built Voice Assistant for your domain

Choose your Voice Assistant

Select the User Journeys you require and publish your Voice Assistant.

You can optionally upload your business data too.

Select User Journeys

Integrate the Slang SDK specific to your domain and connect the user journeys to corresponding app actions in your front end code.

Our SDK takes care of everything else.

Configure App states

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Slang Labs provides accurate and multilingual voice assistants. These in-app intelligent virtual assistants can be used out of the box for android and web apps with just a few lines of code.

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