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What does Conversational Intelligence mean
to your app?

The ability for a consumer to interact with apps by just conversing with it naturally and via voice or text

The ability for an app to consume unstructured inputs and converts that to structured information and perform related actions

AI Assistants for your app 

How does it work?

Customize the output specification of the Capability

Magic Studio will automatically generate the output structure given the Capability description. You can edit this specification if needed.

Test the Assistant

Easily test the Assistant in the Magic Studio playground or via the Conva.AI Playground App. Verify if the right Capability is triggered for a given input and if the output is as expected. You can even edit Capabilities

Integrate the Assistant

Use platform-specific SDKs to quickly and easily integrate the Assistant into your app. The SDKs connect to the Conva.AI runtime orchestration layer and will trigger actions in your app based on its response.

What kind of experiences will Conva.AI bring to my app?

// Launch the Copilot version of the Assistant which
// will allow users to speak to it via voice or text
// response will be asynchronously passed to the 
// Capability handler registered during setup


As a Copilot experience, that end-users can interact with conversationally, via voice or text.

What is special about CONVA.AI?


Easy = Build an Assistant in less than 30 minutes.

  • Conva.AI with Magic Studio offers a hosted environment for creating, deploying and managing Assistants and their Capabilities
  • Get started with pre-built Capabilities from the Store and extend them if required.
  • Try it out before you integrate

Simple = Meta Prompts. No Data Science knowledge required

  • Simpler abstraction of Capabilities to define business logic using Meta prompts.
  • Simplify developer interface by having well defined Capability output parameters.
  • PMs can build the Assistant. Front-end App Developers can add it to their app using the simple platform-specific SDKs.

    Grounded = Custom Knowledge support

    • Ground the AI responses by providing additional knowledge at a Capability level
    • Intuitive grounding at a parameter level
    • Easily share knowledge among multiple Capabilities
    • Supports text blobs, HTML, PDF, CSV, TSV and Json files.

    Reliable = Prompt Compilation. Not Prompt Engineering

    No need to hand generate prompts anymore. Lets Magic Studio’s State-of-the-art MultiAgentic LLM compiler generate the best in class prompt behind the scene and maintain it on your behalf


    Intuitive = Think beyond Chatbots

    • Conversational Oerlays. Not chatbots. Use the full power of your App visuals and blend them naturally with a Conversational interface.
    • Customizable visual themes.
    • Multi-lingual. Even if your app is not. Comes with a built-in translator to handle non-English inputs.
    • Contextual and continous conversations.

    Full-stack = Everything you need

    • Best in class ASR experience
    • Natural sounding TTS
    • Logview to see how your app is being used
    • Playground to test your Assistant before integration
    • Version management


    To Conva.AI Magic studio and get started

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    Slang Labs is the only In-App Voice Assistant Platform in which Google has invested

    Conva.AI is the culmination of the latest GenAI tech combined with our 6+ years of experience.