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Voice Search Assistant for Ecommerce Apps

CONVA, available as a lightweight SDK, can be integrated into existing apps in minutes to enable multilingual voice search and lot more!

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Trusted by India's Most Reputed Ecommerce Apps

Voice Search in Nykaa AppVoice Search in Fresho By Bigbasket AppVoice Search in Redbus AppVoice Search in Trainman AppVoice Search in ICICI Direct web
... And trusted by GOOGLE.
Slang Labs is the only startup in the voice assistant for apps space that Google has invested in - globally.
CONVA Features

We empower apps for the next billion users

CONVA models are pre-trained for Ecommerce

Pre-trained for Ecommerce

CONVA models are pre-trained on data for Retail, Travel, Fintech and other domains

CONVA Support For All Major Indian Languages

Supports all major languages

Built-in translation from multiple languages to English and back for conversations

CONVA Support For All Major Platforms.

Supports all major platforms

Supports apps built on Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, Web and Shopify platforms

CONVA Provides Analytics On App Users Voice Usage

User Behaviour Insights

CONVA provides deep understanding of app users by providing analytics on voice usage

CONVA SDK - A Full Stack Solution

Full stack solution

CONVA SDK alone provides the full suite of tech needed to enable voice search in apps


The CONVA Advantage

CONVA - India's Most Accurate Voice Search For Ecommerce

India's Most Accurate Voice Search for Ecommerce

CONVA's voice search is 46% more accurate than Google Voice Search as per an objective benchmark report.
Download Benchmark Report

CONVA Adds Multilingual Voice Search for Ecommerce Apps

'Smartly' Multilingual for even English-only Ecommerce Apps

CONVA adds multilingual voice search for app users, while your app backend continues to operate only in English.
Watch a video to see how it works.

It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Launch Voice Search For Apps

Launch Voice Search for Apps in just minutes - not months!

CONVA SDK can be integrated in 30 mins and most of the user experience can be managed via a web console - which makes the integration a breeze!
Check out the Integration Docs.

Voice Search for Apps: A Full Stack Solution

A Full Stack Solution to add Voice Search for Apps

CONVA offers the full stack needed for speech recognition, speaking back, translation, NLP and the UI components needed during the voice search in apps. See the components of voice stack.

Advanced Customizations For CONVA

Scalable Performance and Easily Extensible Platform

CONVA is architected with micro services and pipelines that can be used to retrain models to learn new data, new languages, new domains & more!
Advanced customizations for CONVA.

Completely Managed by Slang Labs Post Integration of CONVA

Completely Managed by Slang Labs like a SaaS

Post-integration, Slang provides regular updates for CONVA SDK while providing continuous monitoring of speech and voice user data to improve accuracy.
What Slang Labs manages for you.

Try it to trust it!

Try CONVA voice search experience on your phone; in India's most popular Ecommerce apps!

Try Voice search in popular apps, in multiple languages

CONVA Search App

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Single shot voice commands
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Speak in 5 languages including English, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi & Malayalam
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Search grocery and medicines
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Works in BigBasket, Zepto, Blinkit, Netmeds, 1mg, Dunzo, Swiggy, Nykaa and more.
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Install one app, voice search in many

How does it work?
1. Install CONVA Search App
2. Enable Accessibility
3. Open your usual ordering app
4. You will see a mic "Search"
5. Click to start voice search

Google Playstore button to download CONVA Voice Search App.
Installing the CONVA Search App by Slang Labs allows you to use Voice Search in top ecommerce apps of India like BigBasket, Blinkit, Zepto, Netmeds, Tata 1mg, Pharmeasy, Mama Earth and more.
Try Voice Search in Grocery, Pharma, Fashion & Travel Apps By Installing the Playground App On Your Android Phone.
Monthly active users
understand how conva will interact with your app as a developer

The Developer PlayGround App

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Speak in 2 languages - English or Hindi
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Checkout how CONVA will transform the input into an easily consumable data for different domains.
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Check how the recognition and the experiment will work for your application before you even integrate the CONVA SDK.

How does it work?
1. Install CONVA Developer PG App
2. Select your domain
3. You will see a mic "Search"
4. Click to start voice search

Google Playstore button to download CONVA Developer Playground App.
Get started WITH CONVA

It's never been easier to add voice search to app!


Download CONVA SDK

Our Customer Success Team will provide the latest SDK that suits your app requirements


Integrate the SDK into app

Our team will help your app engineers to complete the SDK integration within minutes.


Publish App with Voice Search

Publish the latest APK to the Play Store and let the users enjoy multilingual voice search in app!

CONVA Integration - Adding Voice Search To Your App Has Never Been Easier.
Actual Slang CONVA Voice Users Across India
Note: image depicts actual CONVA voice users across India

App users show a strong affinity for voice search!

Insights about voice user behaviour over time

voice users prefer voice over typed search in apps
voice search users become voice-ONLY users quickly!
time saved when people use voice search in apps
app users try voice search at least once after launch
business impact of voice search in apps

Why Voice Search in Ecommerce Apps?

Smartphone users
yet to try Ecommerce
Faster checkouts
using voice in apps
Text search fails
solved by voice
More searches
by voice users

Take the control of your finances.
Create a free account today.

Go Beyond voice search

for more voice use cases

Stop thinking of Voice Search. Try Voice Search in your own app & phone!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing of CONVA?

Our philosophy is that nobody should hesitate to experiment with voice search in apps because pricing is a barrier. Pricing of CONVA is based on MSUs (Monthly Slang User) i.e. all the unique voice (CONVA) users across a calendar month.

Where is the Slang Labs office?

Slang team works from all across India, but our physical office location is in Jayanagar 4th T Block of Bengaluru. But we are always a call / ping away to our customers & friends! You can find our address / location in the Contact Us section.

How big is the Slang Team?

We are a team of 20 people building for the next billion users across India and other parts of the world. Meet us sometime! We have a diverse team with deep skills in NLP, UX, Analytics, Conversational Design, Mobile App and Cloud Infra tech.

What is the funding stage of Slang Labs?

Slang Labs has received seed stage rounds of funding so far and is yet to go for a Series A round. Slang Labs has received investments from Google, Endiya Partners, 100X Entrepreneur and from a few individual angel investors.

When was Slang Labs established?

Slang Labs was incorporated in July 2017 with its head office in Bengaluru and has been operating continuously since then.

Who are the founders of Slang Labs?

Slang Labs was co-founded by three technologists:
+ Kumar Rangarajan - CEO
+ Giridhar Murthy - COO
+ Satish Chandra Gupta - Chief Data Scientist

Who are the customers of Slang Labs?

Slang Labs has worked with category leading brands like Nykaa, ICICI Direct, Redbus, SpiceJet, Trainman, BigBasket, ApnaKlub, Medbikri, Critical Mention, P&G, Unilever across Retail, FMCG, Travel, Healthcare and Fintech industries.

Does Slang Labs work with government?

Slang Labs has partnered with several population-scale initiatives and programs in India such as:
BHASHINI - for productising their ASR models
ONDC - for providing voice search in buyer & seller apps

What are the key memberships of Slang?

Slang Labs is a member of industrial bodies like NASSCOM, Startup India and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Asia. It is also a member of accelerators like Aditya Birla Group Accredited Accelerator (AAA) and JioGenNext.

What exactly is CONVA?

CONVA stands for COnversational iN-app Voice Assistant. It is a full-stack solution that is consumed as an SDK by any existing mobile or web app. Upon integration, the SDK enables voice search and other functionalities in the app.

How do I get the CONVA?

You can reach out to us by clicking on "Get Started" or "Book a Demo" buttons anywhere in this website or by writing to Then our team will contact you and help you get started with the CONVA integration.

How hard is it to integrate CONVA SDK?

Depending on the platform for which you are integrating the  CONVA SDK, you will need different amounts of effort. CONVA Voice Search implementation can be completed within a matter of 30 minutes with our team's help.

What are the components of CONVA?

CONVA has three major components - an SDK, a cloud backend and a web portal for managing the UX. The SDK, integrated into the mobile app, acts as a window to the cloud platform which hosts most of the voice tech stack.

Is CONVA a hosted solution?

CONVA is currently hosted in Google Cloud Platform. Apps using CONVA SDK don't have to worry about its hosting.

Which industries can use CONVA?

CONVA voice search can be used by ecommerce apps in:
Retail - grocery, FMCG, pharma, fashion, cosmetics
Travel - bus, train and flight booking
Fintech - stocks / equity trading and investments

What languages does CONVA support?

CONVA is architected to support any major language in the world for speech recognition and conversations. But so far, we have tested it on languages like English (Indian, US), Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Spanish & Vietnamese.

Is CONVA a chatbot with voice?

NO. CONVA is a smart voice assistant for mobile apps, whereas a chatbot is a parallel solution that is overlayed on top of apps and websites to answer pre-stored questions. Read detailed differences between the two in this page.

How accurate is the speech recognition?

Typically, the voice search accuracy of CONVA is high at around 94% - 96% for English and slightly lesser for Hindi. However, the continuous learning and improvement models of CONVA deliver higher accuracy with more usage.