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What is an in-app voice assistant?

A plugin that is embedded inside an app, that allows for having natural and colloquial voice interactions to start or complete one or more user-journeys inside an app.

What kind of assistants?

Domain Agnostic

Voice enable use cases in any app across any domain. We provide capabilities to improve accuracy, language, translations and experience baked in Slang. Managed by you.

Domain Specific

Voice assistants with domain optimised speech recognition and NLP models. Optimised for accuracy. Managed by Slang.

Slang for eCommerce

Optimised for e-commerce domain.

Slang for Travel

Optimised for Travel domain.

Why do I need voice assistants in my app?

Reduce navigational complexity

Allow users to jump directly into screens which they want without the hassle of navigating through intermediate screens.

Reduce keyboard usage

Allow users to speak naturally and let our NLP engine take care of extracting meaning out of it

Speed up transactions

Remember a  word is worth a thousand clicks. So get your users to talk to your app to complete tasks rather than having to click.. type.. click.. type

Remove fear of using apps

Can your mom use the app you are building? Delight her (and your dad, aunty, uncle, granny, etc)

Why Slang?

VaaS model

We provide Voice Assistants as a Service. That means we manage your speech recognition models and NLP models to figure out intents and entities. Voice Assistant will just work for your app.

Unparalleled accuracy

Higher accuracy through dynamic improvements of speech recognition models on the cloud. Reflected instantly to your users.


Let your users talk to your app in their own language. Understand them in English. 

Assistant experience

Let Slang listen to the user and also talk to them. With empathy.

Built-in analytics

Understand the Intent of your users.

Fourth Estate

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