World's first Copilot as a Service platform.

AI without the Drama

Trusted by leading brands

Create, deploy, observe, and evaluate production-quality AI copilots with low code and zero prompt engineering

AI Augmented eXperiences Copilots can be consumed by
the app in two ways

As a In-App Assistant
with our intuitive Conversational Overlay UI components

As an inline component augmenting the workflow of the app with interesting AI experiences

Our copilot - Your app

Using you can create complex assistant-style experiences or localised AI use cases

Property Finder

Grocery List builder

Search Copilot for
e-commerce applications

Instant Stack Overflow style
Q&A Assistant

AI Voice Search

Booking Assistant for Travel Applications

Form Filling Assistant

Joke Generator

Date formatter

Integrate into your app

Augmenting your apps existing search with GenAI capabilities via an Overlay Integrates on top of existing search workflows

Slang Labs is the only In-App Voice Assistant Platform in which Google has invested is the culmination of the latest GenAI tech combined with our 6+ years of experience building varying types of In-App Voice Assistant Technologies

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