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Slang in the Kisanwala App

How do you help non-english speaking, technically challenged customers to make full use of your online e-commerce app?

Learn how Kisanwala is doing just this, empowering farmers to powerfully engage and interact with their offering.

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"Microsoft has seen two years of digital transformation in just two months"

- Satya Nadella

What we talk about in the Case Study

Where are Amazon users coming from

Kisanwala - Their unique value proposition

Learn about Kisanwala, the agritech startup that make farmers self-reliant with modern day technology, information, high quality inputs, and marketing support.

Kisanwala provides customized solutions catering to the needs of each farm and each farmer.

How is Amazon reaching Bharat

Obstacles in the way of Kisanwala's success

A glance at Kisanwala's barriers to success.

The unique challenges the agritech application catering to non-english speaking, technically challenged farmers faces.

Join us as we ponder Voice as a solution.

Where are Flipkart users coming from

Why Kisanwala is using Voice with Slang as a powerful growth lever

Learn why  Kisanwala decided to use Slang’s Multilingual In-App Voice Assistant as their preferred tool to tackle seemingly unsurmountable challenges.

Learn how Voice tech can be powerfully leveraged to make technology accessible for the #NextBillionUsers

How is Flipkart reaching Bharat

The boons of democratization of Voice Tech

Learn how democratization of Voice Tech has the ability to empower disenfranchised segments.

And help smaller businesses integrate technoloy that only larger players such as Flipkart, Amazon, Apple and Google have had the privelege of using so far.

Are the odds now truly even?

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Slang Labs provides accurate and multilingual in-app voice assistants. These voice assistants can be used out of the box for android and web apps with just a few lines of code.