Don't break the bank!

Our philosophy is to democratize access to sophisticated Voice Assistant technology for every kind of brand - not just the ones with big budgets.

That's why our pricing is simple.
- NO Integration Costs.
- NO Annual Charges.
- NO Hidden T&C.
- NO Credit Card.

Pay per Monthly Slang User.

No matter how many times a user accesses voice technology in a month, they are counted as a single Monthly Slang User for that month. So, the billing rate is applicable for all such users in a month, irrespective of their individual usage.

So, your pricing = Monthly Slang Users x Billing Rate.

But because of our model, our billing rate depends on the nature of your business. So, contact us to get your pricing today!

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Slang Labs provides accurate and multilingual voice assistants. These in-app intelligent virtual assistants can be used out of the box for android and web apps with just a few lines of code.

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