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Don't break the bank, Pay only for the users who use voice inside your app.

Don't break the bank!

We wanted to break the typical SaaS charges done based on the number of API calls.

Which basically meant that the more the usage of the tech, the more is the cost to the company per month, thus reducing the incentive for the business to push more usage of the APIs.

Introducing MSU- Monthly Slang Users

Instead of paying per-use, you now pay a flat fee per user per month. Not all users. Only those users who have used Slang Voice Assistants in that month. Irrespective of how much they use the Assistant that month.

NO Integration Costs.
NO annual commitments.
NO CC required to get started.

1st Month: Free Trial, Yes!

2nd Month onwards: Flat rate per MSU for that month. We charge for a minimum of 1,000 (thousand) users


How is MSU computed?

MSU represents a unique user (defined as a combination of unique device + unique Assistant ID) who has performed at least one qualifying interaction with Slang Assistants in a month.

What is the billing rate for MSU?

For Indian customers, our MSU charge is typically between Rs. 5 (Five) to Rs. 15 (Fifteen) per MSU. For international customers, please contact us for your rate.

Is there a maximum limit to interactions per MSU?

Typically a unique combination of the device plus Assistant id with a qualifying voice action will be In the rare case where the usage of a single customer exceeds more than 1000 voice commands per month, we will then consider that customer in multiples of 1000 voice commands.
Ie if a customer spoke 1500 voice commands in a month, they will be counted as 2 for that month.

Is there a maximum limit to interactions per MSU?

For high-volume customers, we provide an optional fixed pricing model. Contact us for more details.