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Voice, the bridge to "Bharat"

Tier-2 and Tier 3 cities in India had millions of people using smartphones for primarily entertainment & communication.

These people turned to Ecommerce when the pandemic hit their services & supply.

Voice (with a Vernacular edge) has emerged as the most powerful driver that solves multiple unique challenges for this huge market.

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"Microsoft has seen two years of digital transformation in just two months"

- Satya Nadella

Some Insights from the Whitepaper

Where are Amazon users coming from

Where are Amazon users coming from?

During Amazon's Great Indian Festival Sale:

91% of new customers, and 66% of new Prime sign-ups were from small towns; Shopping in 5 Indian languages, and orders from over 98.4% of India's pin-codes in just 48 hours.

How is Amazon reaching Bharat

How is Amazon reaching Bharat?

In the run up to the Great Indian Festival, there were over ~100K voice requests from customers on the Amazon shopping app.

Amazon received its highest single day voice requests of over 1 million on the app.

Where are Flipkart users coming from

Where are Flipkart users coming from?

Over 666 million visits on Flipkart recorded during the Big Billion Days with over 52% of these visits recorded from Tier III cities and beyond.

Along with the momentum witnessed from metros and Tier 2 cities, Tier 3+ cities have seen an uptick of 50% new customers

How is Flipkart reaching Bharat

How is Flipkart reaching Bharat?

On an average, more than 2 million customers use Flipkart in regional languages every day.

73% said their experience of using voice to find groceries was satisfactory.

Flipkart’s voice Assistant feature makes buying groceries on Flipkart as intuitive as buying it from a neighbourhood store!

Are Voice Searches really growing

Are Voice Searches really growing?

According to Google Insight Report 2019, voice searches have been growing at 270% year-on-year in India.

Not only that, Hindi Voice Searches have been growing at 400%.

How many search are being done with Voice

How many searches are being done with Voice?

According to Google, 28% of all searches on search apps are made by Voice.

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Add a voice assistant to your eCommerce app in less than a day.

Reach the Next Billion Users from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India by adding a Voice Assistant to your app. Take a look at this video to see the kind of user journeys you can enable with Slang in your app.

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Voice Search in Trainman App

CEO, Trainman
“Slang labs have enabled voice search in the Trainman app. Now users can directly speak and get train results. This empowerment helps people not only in getting quick results but also saves them from the hassle of remembering the spelling of cities. Users simply love this functionality!”
Vineet Chirania
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Slang Labs provides accurate and multilingual in-app voice assistants. These voice assistants can be used out of the box for android and web apps with just a few lines of code.