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The world's first In-App Voice Assistant platform

Slang CONVA is a low-code platform that offers a full-stack solution to enable multilingual voice assistants inside existing mobile and web apps.

Currently, CONVA offers pre-built Voice Assistants for Apps in Grocery, FMCG, Beauty/Cosmetics, Bus Booking, Train Search, Flight Search, Equity Trading, Healthcare and Real Estate.

CONVA provides a web-based console for managing the end-to-end user experience for the Slang Voice Assistant in your apps.

The biggest advantage of CONVA is that you do not need to know anything related to NLP, ASR, TTS, AI or voice to integrate or use the Slang Voice Assistant as all complexities related to voice user experience enablement are abstracted by the platform for the regular app developer.

Assistants available on CONVA are


Slang CONVA contains pre-built Voice Assistants for various domains - Retail, Travel, BFSI, Fitness, and the sub-domains that fall under them.


Assistants created using Slang CONVA offer best in class accuracy, in fact Slang's Voice Search is 46% more accurate than that of Google's.


Slang Voice Assistants support 5 Indian languages - Indian English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam, has mixed language support and is capable of transliteration!

CONVA Assistants are in built with

Domain specific User Journeys

We understand each domain has its own nuances. The Assistants support predefined User journeys specific to those domains.

Pre-Trained Speech Recognition

Higher accuracy through dynamic Improvements in Speech Recognition Models by training them according to the domain.

Pre-designed Conversations

Out of box Conversation Design designed for each user journey for each domain.

Pre-trained NLP Models

Our NLP models are pre-trained based on the SKUs and the nuances for each domain.

How to integrate Voice Assistants using Slang CONVA?  

Login to Slang CONVA

Begin Creating a New Assistant

Select App Domain

Choose User Journeys

Publish the Assistant

Try Out or Integrate Assistant

Optimize Voice Assistant Performance  

Add Custom Data

Assistants on Slang CONVA come pre-trained on several thousand SKUs for various domains, however if you would like to add custom data you can! Data that can be added include synonym data, filter data, location data, language data, and more!

Customize Language Settings

Slang CONVA gives you the option to choose the default language for Voice in your app as well as choose which other languages you would like your Assistant to support.

Choose Prompts and UI Hints

Slang CONVA gives you the option to choose and change greeting as well as clarification prompts of different levels right on the console.

Moreover, UI hints that appear on Slang surface can be customized as well.

UI Customization

All aspects of the Slang Surface can be customized using CONVA, including surface style, surface hint styles, surface colors, as well as toggling between dark and light modes.

Power Mode

Want to Customize even Further?

With Power Mode you can dive into the nitty gritties and fine tune your Assistant.

And of course, we're always here to help.

Slang Customizations Cheat Sheet

Found it hard to follow some of the info on this page?
Here's a cheat sheet showing you most customizations possible using CONVA!