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World’s fastest way to add a multilingual voice assistant in your retail app.

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Empower the next 500 million consumers to use your retail app!

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Product Features

Multilingual Voice Search

Add multilingual Voice Search capabilities in your retail ecommerce app.

Composite Search

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Standard Filters

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Custom filters

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Voice Actions

Execute end to end tasks on your app using voice.

Voice to Cart

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Order Management

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Voice Navigation

Jump to any screen of your app directly using voice.
eg: "Show me offers", "Show me my cart"

List to Cart

Add multiple items to your cart from your shopping list in one go.
For eg: ”Add 2kg of Onions, Half kg Amul Ghee”

Voice Promotions

Promote deals in your app using voice. Speak out offers to your customers at the right time.

Beyond voice search

Hands-Free shopping

Handsfree Shopping

Why should hands have all the fun?

List to Cart

Add multiple items to cart in one go.  

Review Collection

Great qualitative review in the most natural way.


Target new users

Capture the Tier 2 and Tier 3 users by enabling them to order with voice in Indic languages

Increase Revenue

Increase top-line growth by adding new users and bottom-line by increasing revenues per customer.

Reduce friction

Make spelling mistakes a thing of the past. The friction of using keyboard, remembering spelling, transliteration challenges

Improve discovery

Let users discover those hidden gems...err.. features in your app. Refer your friends in banking; the horror of finding features is real in those apps.

Super fast integration

Add Slang to your app in as few as two days.

Pay as Use

Pay for only 'Monthly Slang users'- those customers who used Voice in your app once.

What's special about Slang?

Higher accuracy through dynamic improvements

Bias speech recognition

Bias our speech recognition models specifically for your app to enable very accurate recognition.

Stop words

We will only pass relevant words to the app, whatever you might say

Optimised for Bharat. Designed with empathy.

Helping hints

We provide dynamic hints on the Slang Surface. This helps in guiding the users about what they can speak thereby reducing cognitive overload. But Dil Maange More?  We even have a hints button to show even more hints.

Patience mode

We understand people take time to speak, so we wait for the user to speak before zonking out. Did we already mention that we designed Slang with empathy?

Talkative mode

Some people speak more than others (Our CEO🤷🏽), We get that, we don’t stop listening to the user if she’s in the middle of a long sentence.

Two types of mic

There are two ways of triggering the Voice Assistant. Global and inline search.

Talkback mode

Ask a question to the user. Wait for her to reply and even speak out a confirmation message. Remove the hesitation in going wrong.

Optimised for Indian languages & accents

Speak in 5 Indian languages

We support 5 Indian languages out of the box - Indian English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Lack of vernacular support

Automatic translation

We reduce the overhead on your backend by giving the translated query from any of these 5 Indian Languages to English.

Customise translation

Have control over the words and phrases which you don’t want to translate. Bias our translation engine according to your app

Understand the intent of your user

Utterance analytics

Analyze how your users are using voice, what they are speaking most commonly, how often and much more.

Word cloud

Understand which words users have been spoken most often. A way to the user's mind is through her words. (Plain ol’ word cloud but...well marketing dept 🤷 )

Geolinguistic analytics

Understand the language and regional breakdown of users.

Why Slang?

Voice Assistant as a Service

World’s first VAaaS platform provides a suite of domain specific Voice Assistants for mobile and web apps.

Managed Complexity

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Training NLP & Speech Recognition models
New vernacular languages
Conversation Design
Intuitive UI/UX
Infrastructure & lifecycle management

All taken care of by the platform.


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Low-code Integration
Pre-trained NLP Models
Pre-configured Data
Multilingual Out-of-box
Low-weight SDK
Go-Live under 30 mins, not months!


Domain specific NLP and Speech recognition models deliver out-of-box high accuracy.

Domain Specific Speech Recognition

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Every domain has its own nuances. Speech Recognition models that we use are trained  specifically for each domain and dynamically improves over time. 

Pre-trained NLP models

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Our NLP models are pre trained to understand the vocabulary of your app to get even higher accuracy.

Intuitive Experience

Intuitive voice experiences based on years of on-field research, delivered to production in your first rollout.

Automatic & Manual Invocation

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Users can invoke the Voice Assistant using touch  or the app can invoke it automatically.

Continued Conversations

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After a voice command is completed, our voice assistant continues to listen for more queries.

Contextual Hints

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On screen contextual Visual hints, guide the user to complete intended tasks using voice.

Patience and Talkative mode

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Allow users to speak long & short form natural sentences to get things done in your app.

Multilingual out of the box

Multilingual Voice Assistant on top of your English app.

5 languages Out of the box

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Our voice assistant supports 5 Indian languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Automatic Translation

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The user's inputs are converted to English irrespective of what language they speak so that your app can continue to be in English.

Contextual Translation

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Bias our translation engine to have control over the words and phrases which you don’t want to translate.

Lights, Camera, Action!

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