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Accurate multilingual experiences
optimised for grocery domain

Multilingual Voice Search

Multilingual and conversational voice search to get to the top SKUs of your app. We bias the speech recognition models based on your top SKUs to make sure your users receive the best accuracy.

Voice to Cart

Users can use voice to even give quantity and type of SKU, for example: 2kg of Onions or 500gms Amul Ghee. We add these SKUs directly to the cart.

Multimodal disambiguation

We automatically figure out if the user is using Touch or Voice during the user journey. Users can switch between them anytime without loss of any context.

Ordering multiple items in the list

Users can speak out multiple items in their list in one go. We capture all the SKUs and add them to the basket. Don’t worry we have thought about disambiguation as well. Contact us if you would like to see a demo :)

Why add Slang grocery voice assistant?

Speed of transactions

Increase the items in the cart

Different language, different word, same result.

Ease of use

Less dependency on UI.

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Slang Labs provides accurate and multilingual in-app voice assistants. These voice assistants can be used out of the box for android and web apps with just a few lines of code.

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