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Slang Travel Voice Assistant

World’s fastest way to add a multilingual voice assistant in your Travel app
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Ease the travel booking journey for the next 500 million Indian consumers on your app!

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Voice Navigation to find Tickets

Let your users get to know the status of their mode of journey. Reduce the frustration of finding the status with voice

Voice-based Status Check

Let your users get to know the status of their train/flight/bus.

eg: "Show me status of my flight"


Introducing the easiest way to do a web-check

+PNR Lookup

Make looking up PNR even easier for your users using Voice.

Why Slang?

Voice Assistant as a Service

World’s first VAaaS platform provides a suite of domain specific Voice Assistants for mobile and web apps.

Managed Complexity

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Training NLP & Speech Recognition models
New vernacular languages
Conversation Design
Intuitive UI/UX
Infrastructure & lifecycle management

All taken care of by the platform.


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Low-code Integration
Pre-trained NLP Models
Pre-configured Data
Multilingual Out-of-box
Low-weight SDK
Go-Live under 30 mins, not months!


Domain specific NLP and Speech recognition models deliver out-of-box high accuracy.

Domain Specific Speech Recognition

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Every domain has its own nuances. Speech Recognition models that we use are trained  specifically for each domain and dynamically improves over time. 

Pre-trained NLP models

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Our NLP models are pre trained to understand the vocabulary of your app to get even higher accuracy.

Intuitive Experience

Intuitive voice experiences based on years of on-field research, delivered to production in your first rollout.

Automatic & Manual Invocation

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Users can invoke the Voice Assistant using touch  or the app can invoke it automatically.

Continued Conversations

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After a voice command is completed, our voice assistant continues to listen for more queries.

Contextual Hints

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On screen contextual Visual hints, guide the user to complete intended tasks using voice.

Patience and Talkative mode

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Allow users to speak long & short form natural sentences to get things done in your app.

Multilingual out of the box

Multilingual Voice Assistant on top of your English app.

5 languages Out of the box

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Our voice assistant supports 5 Indian languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Automatic Translation

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The user's inputs are converted to English irrespective of what language they speak so that your app can continue to be in English.

Contextual Translation

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Bias our translation engine to have control over the words and phrases which you don’t want to translate.

Watch Slang in Action

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