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Add Voice Search. Any app. Any domain.

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Voice searches are growing at 270% YoY in India.

Enable voice search in your app with the Slang Voice Search Assistant with just a few lines of code.

What's special about Slang?

Higher accuracy through dynamic improvements

Bias speech recognition

Bias our speech recognition models specifically for your app to enable very accurate recognition.

Bias the speech recognition according to the words that matter for your apps.

Stop words

We will only pass relevant words to the app, whatever you might say

Remove words which don't make sense.

Optimised for Bharat. Designed with empathy.

Helping hints

We provide dynamic hints on the Slang Surface. This helps in guiding the users about what they can speak thereby reducing cognitive overload. But Dil Maange More?  We even have a hints button to show even more hints.

Patience mode

We understand people take time to speak, so we wait for the user to speak before zonking out. Did we already mention that we designed Slang with empathy?

Talkative mode

Some people speak more than others (Our CEO🤷🏽), We get that, we don’t stop listening to the user if she’s in the middle of a long sentence.

Two types of mic

There are two ways of triggering the Voice Assistant. Global and inline search.

Talkback mode

Ask a question to the user. Wait for her to reply and even speak out a confirmation message. Remove the hesitation in going wrong.

Optimised for Indian languages & accents

Speak in 5 Indian languages

We support 5 Indian languages out of the box - Indian English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Lack of vernacular support

Automatic translation

We reduce the overhead on your backend by giving the translated query from any of these 5 Indian Languages to English.

Customise translation

Have control over the words and phrases which you don’t want to translate. Bias our translation engine according to your app

Understand the intent of your user

Utterance analytics

Analyze how your users are using voice, what they are speaking most commonly, how often and much more.

Word cloud

Understand which words users have been spoken most often. A way to the user's mind is through her words. (Plain ol’ word cloud but...well marketing dept 🤷 )

Geolinguistic analytics

Understand the language and regional breakdown of users.

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Beyond voice search

Easy notes

Take descriptive notes with voice

Let users give more descriptive notes, and in their own language, without the hassle of typing.

Feedback gathering

Gather rich qualitative feedback with voice

Get qualitative feedback from your users, in their own language, or translated to English.

Contact search

Search for contacts with voice

Enable voice based contact search within your app. This helps in speeding up the process of contact search leading to lesser drop offs.

How is Slang different from big G?


Can i improve the accuracy of recognition specific to my application?

👍 You bet

Sorry dude. I know what is best for you.

  • Can I add words specific to my domain/application to improve the speech model?

👍 Aye aye captain

"Yawn" Next

  • Remotely control “stop words”?

👍 Yes sir

Don’t look at me. You can write your own code.


Do I get the tools to build great experiences for my users?

😎 Aye Aye Captain

I am basically a Voice-to-text service. So...

  • Can I remotely train my users what they can speak?


Static hints. I love static.

  • My users might take time before they start talking?

That’s why we have Patient mode

Sort of. I say I can but..

  • My users might want to talk for long?

Talkative mode is your friend

Nope, flexibility is not my style.

  • How will my users start their voice journey?

Global and Inline Mic options
Typically inline. Did I tell you about writing your own code?
  • Can my app speak back to the user?

Yes. Conversation is always two ways
My cousin can help. Yummy more code.


My users want to speak in their own language but I don't want to change my app entirely to support it?

Sure. Checkout the built-in tools we have to make this possible

Sort of...

  • What languages can you support?

Indian accent English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam (beta)

Hey I can do the same too

  • Cool. Can I get translated content of what the user spoke?

Yes sir

I have more cousins you can talk to.

  • Sometimes the translations are wrong. Can I remotely control it?

Yup. You can dynamically

Are you talking to me?


Can I get details of how my users are using Voice inside their apps?

Of course. You shouldn’t even be asking this

Did I tell you about my other cousins? And yummy… more code..

  • Trending voice usages?

Yes. Thats our favorite too

Dude can't believe you are still talking to me.

  • Geo and language breakdown?


Speak to the hand.

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