Voice Assistant as a Service

Slang In-App Voice Assistants are specialized for each domain to offer sophisticated Voice Experience in Ecommerce Apps without app owners having to worry about the complex technology & design

This In-App Voice Assistant experience is powered by the VAaaS Platform which enables brands to add an In-App Voice Assistant to their Ecommerce App in the easiest way imaginable - and in less than 30 minutes!

VAaaS brings 3 major innovations that make your life simpler :
Easy Integration
Managed Complexity
Simple Commercials

Easy to Integrate

  • Low-code Integration
  • Pre-trained NLP Models
  • Pre-configured Data
  • Multilingual Out-of-box
  • Low-weight SDK
  • Go-Live in Days, not months!
Easy to Integrate
Managed complexity

Managed Complexity

  • Training NLP and Speech Recognition Models
  • Adding new languages
  • Conversation Design
  • Data Management
  • Continuous Learning, Training & Model Improvements
  • Managing Nuances of Deployed Platform (Android, Web, iOS)
Highly Accurate

Highly Accurate

  • Context-trained Speech Recognition
  • Pre-trained NLP Models
  • Customizable Data
  • Domain-specific Speech Recognition

Multilingual Support

  • Build App for English, but support multiple languages​ out-of-box
  • Contextual Translation
  • Translation Managed in VAaaS (no need for App to translate)
Multilingual Support

In-App Voice Assistant for specific Domains

We have built ready-to-consume In-App Voice Assistants for several domains with well-designed voice experiences for a variety of common User Journeys

Retail Voice Assistant

Travel Voice Assistant

Banking Voice Assistant