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Voice Buddy

Voice Buddy guides your users to understand and navigate your app screens using your voice-powered output.

We have launched a new feature. Basically, it is a Voice Assist that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the app and its features to new users. Furthermore, it provides users with on-demand, contextual voice-out assistance for every field or action button.

Additionally, this feature will be supported in multiple languages. Plus, all the voice-out text/content can be controlled remotely using a dashboard. Consequently, you can dynamically make changes in text and content in real-time without making any app updates!

Provide instructions to users on how to use your app.
Step-by-step / one step at a time.
Using voice/speaking in their language.

Why Voice Buddy?

Ramu Kaka wants to book a bus ticket from his farm in the village to the city. He is going there to sell his fresh lot of vegetables. But he doesn’t know how to book a ticket online. How will your app help him?

Professor Vaidyanathan, a retired professor, plans to spend some of his newfound free time playing the stock market. He is trying to open his first Demat a/c online. However, he does not understand how to use the app. How can your app help him?

Kokila Ben’s son got a new job in the city, and suddenly she’s living alone now. Her son used to order monthly groceries for their home till now, and now she has to do it herself. But, she has never used a grocery delivery app before, and she doesn’t know English. How can ypur app help Kokila Ben?

Advantages of Voice Buddy :

1. It supports Multiple Indian Languages
2. Customizable user experience.
3. Voice content can be changed dynamically without requiring an app update.
4. Easily scalable and extendable voice experiences.

Demo Video
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