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Meaning & Definition
Alexa is an intelligent voice assistant by Amazon, introduced in 2014 when Amazon launched Echo smart speakers. In simple terms, Echo is what you see in front of you while Alexa is the one which handles everything in the back.
Further Explanation

Alexa is being used extensively in smart devices and Amazon's shopping app. Alexa and Echo are currently available in over 40 countries worldwide. Amazon in early 2019 announced that they have sold over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices. Users can speak out "Alexa", the default wake word to trigger the voice assistant.Today, Alexa can play music, fetch information, operate smart home appliances and perform automation to make lives simpler. Additionally, businesses are adding Third Party Alexa Skills to enable their customers to use Alexa to interact with them. Read our comprehensive guide on voice assistants for detailed discussion.

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