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Voice Search

Meaning & Definition
Voice Search is a functionality where users can search using voice commands. Voice search is on average 3 times faster than the traditional touch and type search.
Further Explanation

Voice search is gaining popularity and its usage is increasing since speaking is easier than typing. Things become more simpler when one needs to search in regional languages. For e.g: "Show me Black T-Shirt"Businesses with target audience of non-English speakers prefer adding multilingual voice search to their apps and websites. This allows their users to search without any language barriers. Voice search also supports the power users of these businesses since these users can now perform searches quickly and comfortably.

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Slang In-App Voice Assistant vs Google Voice Search Main Image

Slang Retail Assistant Better than Google Voice Search - A Benchmarking Report Analysis

We're frequently asked by our customers, "How does Slang Retail Assistant compare to Google Voice Search?" so we ran a benchmarking test where we compared their performances. Read this blog post for a quick summary!

September 9, 2021
Giridhar Murthy

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Google backs Slang Labs

Google says namaste to Slang Labs via Google Assistant Investments program

Slang Labs becomes one of the first players in the In-App Voice Assistant space globally to be backed by Google

July 16, 2021
Kumar Rangarajan

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