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This article is published by CXOtoday on 16/02/2023

National Innovation Day 2023 – Thoughts by Industry Leaders

National Innovation Day is commemorated on February 16 every year to recognize and appreciate the role of the inventors who are bringing innovation and change in the field of science and technology. This day is a great way to not only make the existing crop of innovators feel valued and appreciated, but it also inspires young people to pursue a career in technology and innovation. This special day celebrates the achievements of the scientific community and opens the doors to new technologies, inventions, and careers for the younger generation.

“The last decade of digitalization initiatives in Bharat has brought about incredible access to the internet and smartphones, enabling maximum people to connect, communicate, and collaborate in ways that were once unimaginable.

On this National Innovation Day, we celebrate the power of accessible technology to propel further growth and innovation in Bharat. As a leader in voice assistance technology, we believe that the power of technology is amplified by vernacular voice interfaces for apps. Voice tech in vernacular languages democratizes access to high-end technology for everyone, regardless of language or literacy. Majority of smartphone users in India are still not accustomed to using Ecommerce, mobile banking and other empowering applications due to barriers like language and touch led designs. Slang Labs is working at enabling these applications to become usable by billions of Indians with the help of a variety of innovations in voice and vernacular. With the current Indian government’s focus on tech-led growth, the techade for India’s exponential growth and all-round development is here, and voice assistance in vernacular languages is leading the way in revolutionizing how Indians interact with technology and contribute to the nation’s development.” – Kumar Rangarajan, CEO & Co-founder – Slang Labs (Bangalore)