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This article is published by BiZ News Desk on 28/02/2023

Slang Labs Launches CONVA – a multilingual Voice Search Assistant for e-commerce applications

Slang Labs, a Google-backed startup from Bengaluru, has announced the launch of CONVA, a full-stack solution that provides smart and highly accurate multilingual voice search capabilities inside e-commerce apps. CONVA is available as a simple SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be integrated into existing e-commerce apps in less than 30 minutes without developers needing any knowledge of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural language processing (NLP), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and other advanced voice tech stack concepts.

CONVA-powered voice search comprehends mixed-code (multiple languages in one sentence) utterances, enabling consumers to speak naturally in their own language in order to search for products and information inside e-commerce mobile and web apps – while allowing the brand to maintain its app backend in only one language i.e. English. For instance, when people use English and another vernacular language within the same sentence for searching for something, CONVA will understand both languages and provide a seamless search experience to the consumer. Customers can conveniently search for products inside the applications using their typical colloquial terms for well-known products using voice search that is enabled by CONVA, and the apps will still be able to recognise the correct product being searched.

Kumar Rangarajan, Co-founder of Slang Labs commented saying, “CONVA stands for COnversational iN-app Voice Assistant. CONVA’s smartness in handling multiple variations of product names and filters across multiple languages is what makes it a much more powerful voice search experience for apps than any other product in the world. Several technological innovations in CONVA make it up to 46% more accurate than even Google ASR when it comes to voice search – which is why it is trusted by India’s most popular Ecommerce Apps.”

CONVA is presently offered for use in e-commerce, Retail, Travel and Trading apps, and its models have been trained on lakhs of SKUs from a variety of industries, including groceries, FMCG, , medicines, fashion, beauty products, cosmetics and food names. CONVA models are additionally pre-trained on thousands of Indian place names, train stations, airport terminals, bus pickup and drop-off points inside of cities and towns, as well as all the equities traded on the BSE and NSE exchanges.