AI without Drama — Conva.AI with Magic Studio Public Beta

The easiest way for Developers & PMs to bring intuitive AI-powered Conversational experiences into their existing apps

Building Conversational experiences into apps is a creative endeavor but the journey is filled with many complexities that add to its time and cost —

  • Writing, maintaining, and scaling prompts.
  • Mixing AI logic (prompts) with app logic
  • Not being able to easily move between LLMs (because the prompts are optimized for a specific LLM)
  • Needing front-end, backend-end, data science folks
  • Building conversational UI components with voice support

Today we are launching the public beta version of our updated Conva.AI platform. It is the world’s first low-code meta-prompt-based AI Assistant creation, maintenance, and deployment platform, that solves all the above problems and more.

A full-stack and hosted platform that makes it very easy for regular app developers to bring multi-modal Conversational Intelligence into apps across any domain.

AI without Drama

Magic Studio

Conva.AI Magic Studio

Conva.AI now comes with Magic Studio, a web-based self-serve platform, which provides an easy interface for developers to build their Assistants easily. It allows users to break down the Assistant into smaller units called Capabilities, which can be defined using meta-prompts, and compiled (using a state-of-the-art LLM powered multi-agent Compiler with built-in evaluator and optimizer) into the best possible system prompts, appropriate for the target LLM. It also includes a Capability Store to consume pre-built Capabilities that can be imported into your app.

No prompt engineering hacks. No prompt management head-aches. No mixing AI logic with App logic.
Capability Store

Platform Specific SDKs

It also comes with simple-to-use Android, iOS, Flutter SDKs, that front-end developers can integrate into their mobile apps. The SDK comes in two modes — a headless version and a Copilot version with themable UI components. Checkout the docs here

Finally, a platform for Mobile App Developers to call their own
Themable Copilot UI — Conversational Overlay

Conva.AI also supports a Python SDK (and soon Rust) and offers a much simpler interface than comparable frameworks like Langchain for building AI use-cases.

Loved by PMs. Easy for Developers. No Data Science required

What is Conversational Intelligence inside apps?

It fundamentally is about enabling an app to have the following abilities —

  • The ability for its consumer to interact with it by just conversing with it naturally and via voice or text.
  • And the ability for it to consume that unstructured input (either from the user or from other sources) and convert that into structured information and/or actions inside the app

What is special about Conva.AI?

  • Easy - Hosted and self-serve platform. Build an Assistant in less than 30 minutes
  • Simple - Meta Prompts. No Data Science knowledge required
  • Reliable - Prompt Compilation. Not Prompt Engineering
  • Intuitive - Think beyond Chatbots. Make full use of your existing UI but power it with Conversational Intelligence
  • Grounded - Custom Knowledge support including static, smart, and dynamic knowledge
  • Full-stack - Everything you need (UI components, Logview, Versioning, Playground, etc)

Signup to our public Beta Today

Goto to signup to Studio and get started.

It’s completely free to try. We will soon be launching a paid version of this, but until then avail the free version to experience the easiest way to add reliable and intuitive AI experiences into apps!

We would love to see what you build with this.

Make the force be with you!