CONVA SearchThe Most Accurate Voice Search for Apps
//  Pre-trained for E-commerce
//  In-built translation engine
//  Takes 10 mins to integrate
//  sDK for Android, iOS, React, Flutter, Shopify & Web
//  Easy Pricing with free trial
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Trusted by India's Top Ecommerce Apps

And trusted by Google!

Slang Labs is the only Voice Assistant Platform startup - globally - in which Google has invested.
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CONVA Search is Multilingual!
CONVA Voice Assistants support multilingual voice search and conversations inside mobile apps with English-only UI
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Automated Translation
Voice commands and voice outputs are automatically translated to English
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Mixed-code Input Processing
Single voice command with multiple language words are processed seamlessly
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English-only Backend
Maintain your backend data in only English but enable local language for users
colloquial translations icon
Colloquial  Translation
Understand colloquial terms and synonyms for popular terms in local language

Voice Search makes apps faster, easier & accessible

CONVA Voice Search is a light-weight SDK that is integrated into existing Mobile or Web App as an interaction layer for handling conversations

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Pre-trained Models

for SKU & domain jargon for Grocery, Pharma, Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics categories

Multiplatform Icon

Support for Ecommerce Apps built on Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter and Shopify

Multilingual Icon

Speech recognition & TTS across key Indian languages with built-in two-way translations

Analytics Icon

For 5 different metrics related to voice usage behaviour in your app on a periodic basis

Full Stack Solution Icon
Full-stack Solution

Includes all components for voice processing stack, including UI elements for interaction

CONVA Advantages

CONVA is the easiest way to add voice search to Ecommerce apps

Powerful, self-serve product with user analytics to help you understand your app users better. Engage and retain more shoppers. Trusted by India's leading apps.

Most Accurate Voice Search

CONVA Voice Search is 46% more accurate than Google Voice Search as shown by objective benchmark study

Get Started in 10 mins!

Adding Voice Search To Your Ecommerce App Takes Only 10 mins of Low Code Integration - That's it!

Pre-trained Assistants

CONVA Voice Search is Pre-trained For 1.5 Mn SKUs across Grocery, FMCG, Pharma, Cosmetics, Fashion, Food, Train Stations, Bus Stops and Airports
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Demand Insights

Voice Search data analysis reveals interesting insights about what products users want in the app

Multi-platform Support

Works in Android Native, React Native, iOS, Flutter Mobile Apps and in Shopify and other Websites

Fully Managed Solution

After Integrating CONVA Voice Search All Voice Tech Related Aspects Are Managed By Slang Labs Team

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Enterprise Plans

Build custom user journeys to deliver differentiated shopping experiences to your Ecommerce app users

For Custom Use Cases & Pricing
  • Flat Pricing for UNLIMITED users
  • Build Custom Voice Features
  • Support for more languages


What is CONVA Search?

CONVA Search is the most accurate Voice Search for Ecommerce Apps. It enables multilingual conversational search with voice inside existing apps.

How is CONVA Search added to Ecommerce Apps?

CONVA Search is available as a light weight SDK that can be integrated inside existing mobile apps and web apps using a low code integration process. The CONVA Search SDK can be generated for any Ecommerce App using the CONVA Search Console after signing up on CONVA Search Login Page.

How can I try CONVA Search before integration?

CONVA Search can be experienced for your app on your own device using the CONVA Search Sandbox available on our website. You do not need to provide any credit card information to try this sandbox for CONVA Search.

How do I integrate CONVA Search with my Ecommerce app?

CONVA Search integration involves two simple steps:

1. Generate the CONVA Search Assistant for your App using the CONVA Search Signup Page and the CONVA Search Console.

2. Use the generated Assistant ID from Step 1 to integrate the SDK into the code of your existing mobile or web app by referring the online documentation