CONVA Search

Install one app to use voice search in your favourite ordering apps

CONVA Search is a FREE App that you can install on phone to start using voice search in your favourite ecommerce apps for grocery / medicines delivery and more.

CONVA Search App can be installed on Android phones to start using voice search in top ecommerce apps of India like BigBasket, BlinkIt, Zepto, Netmeds, Tata 1mg, Swiggy Instamart and more.

Use CONVA Voice Search in India's Top Ecommerce Apps

Try Voice Search in Blinkit App by installing the CONVA Search App on your Android phone.Try Voice Search in Swiggy Instamart App by installing the CONVA Search App on your Android phone.Use voice search inside BigBasket App by installing Slang CONVA Search App on your Android phone.Try Voice Search in Tata 1mg App by installing the CONVA Search App on your Android phone.Try Voice Search in Zepto App by installing the CONVA Search App on your Android phone.Try Voice Search in Netmeds App by installing the CONVA Search App on your Android phone.Try Voice Search in Pharmeasy App by installing the CONVA Search App on your Android phone.
App Features

Add the power of voice search to your app!

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Supports top ecommerce apps

Works in your favourite apps for grocery delivery and online medicine ordering

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We speak your languages!

Use voice search in Indian languages too -Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam.

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Works in noisy places too!

CONVA voice search will work in noisy places as well to help you multitask on the move

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Your privacy assured!

We DO NOT collect your personal / ID / social information using our app. You're safe!

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We listen when you want us to!

We listen only when you click on the voice search button to find stuff. Else, we're deaf!

CONVA Search is powered by AI models that are already trained on  more than 750,000 common SKUs in Grocery, FMCG, Medicines, Beauty & Cosmetics and Fashion.

“He will win, who prepared himself...”

Sun Tzu
"Art of War"
CONVA ai is a trained ninja

We have trained our AI models on tons of data!

Most speech recognition software out there will try to make sense of what you say without knowing the context in which you are speaking. CONVA AI is trained like a ninja to know the boundaries and situations of the task very clearly!

Accuracy in speech recognition (English)
Top Ecommerce App Users have tried it already
Grocery, pharma & fashion items understood in search
Users who try voice search prefer typed search less
start using voice search now

It's never been easier to use voice search in apps!


Download CONVA Search App

Don't worry. This is a light-weight app that you can install without clogging the phone memory.


Provide Audio & Mic Permissions

This doesn't mean we will spy on you always! We just need it to listen to your voice commands.


Provide Accessibility Permissions

This will help us to show the mic button on top of your other existing ecommerce apps on phone.


Start Speaking To Your Apps!

Open any Ecommerce App shown in the CONVA Search App to start using voice search

Installing the CONVA Search App by Slang Labs allows you to use Voice Search in top ecommerce apps of India like BigBasket, Blinkit, Zepto, Netmeds, Tata 1mg, Pharmeasy, Mama Earth and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly cost of your app?

This is a completely FREE APP. We DO NOT show Ads. We DO NOT ask for your credit card or payments in future.

How are you giving this for FREE?

Slang Labs is a Voice Search company backed by Google. We want to bring the benefit and empowerment of voice in vernacular languages to as many people as possible. We are also working with top ecommerce apps in India who are anyway paying for our technology - so, we don't need to make money from CONVA Search App users.

If App is FREE, then I am the Product?

NO. App is FREE and so are you! We do not collect your personal data, login information or any kind of data. We only use your voice streams during voice searches to help provide the text version of it to the apps to find what you want. We don't even know WHOSE voice it is in our cloud. We have only one ulterior motive here - we want you to use CONVA Search App and get used to using voice search in any popular ecommerce app that we will be providing our solution to in the future. :-)

Is the service available globally?

NO. Currently our CONVA Search App is able to provide voice search services only inside top Indian Ecommerce Apps and the list of supported apps is constantly updated in the home screen of CONVA Search App itself.

How do I create an account?

You do not have to create any account - nor login to our app. So, you can continue to remain anonymous to us. :-) We do not like to collect any personal information from you unless there is a specific need like support or help needed and you will have to share an email ID or a mobile number with us - and only if you want to.

Do you have iOS and Android apps?

NO. Currently, CONVA Search App is only supported in Android phones with OS version 7.0 and later. If we see a huge demand for iPhone support as well, we will bring out CONVA Search App for iOS in future. If not, easiest thing for you to do is ask your favourite Ecommerce App to integrate the Slang CONVA SDK in their own app to enable voice search in your local languages there. :-)

Stop thinking of Voice Search. Try Voice Search in your own apps and phone!