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Get answers to all the common questions related to CONVA Voice Search integration for Shopify based E-commerce websites.

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How do I select a Subscription Plan?

CONVA Search offers a simple and transparent subscription and pricing plan, just go ahead and start using CONVA Search. The first 15 days are free. Your subscription/plan will be decided based on Monthly Unique Users on your store exposed to CONVA Search, post trial-period subsequent months billing will be based on MAU exposed to CONVA search as mentioned in the pricing table.

How can I integrate the CONVA powered Voice Search in the  Shopify store?

You can integrate CONVA powered Voice Search assistant into your Shopify store by following three simple steps :
(1) Login to
(2) Create an Assistant in the Console
(3) Integrate Voice Search using the Assistant ID and API key from the CONVA Console in your Shopify setup.

What does the “category” selection in  my assistant refer to  and why do I need to select a “category” ?

Category refers to the domain of ecommerce business. Selecting the right category helps CONVA to deliver the voice search experience best suited for that particular domain. If you are a cross-domain / cross-category app OR if you think your category is not listed in the CONVA Console, please use “other” category for best performance and voice search experience.

What languages does the CONVA voice search assistant support?

CONVA powered voice search assistant currently supports English. We provide support for additional languages in the higher plans. Please contact via support email for more details.

Can I try  CONVA search before choosing a subscription?

CONVA offers a free trial period so you can test out the features. After the trial, pricing is based on usage as mentioned here.

How do I provide product feedback or report issues with CONVA Voice Search?

You can submit feedback directly to our team to report any issues or provide suggestions using our email Our aim is to continuously improve the platform.

How can I have a first hand experience of CONVA voice search on my Shopify store?

You can test the experience of voice search in a test theme in your Shopify admin by adding the CONVA Trigger custom component.

How can I customize the CONVA experience?

You can customize the CONVA voice search user experience via the CONVA Console from the server side. However, customizing via the client side APIs is not available currently.

What extra permissions does the App require?

Apps that use the CONVA Voice Search Assistant need the user to grant only the microphone permission and nothing else.