Collection of all the cool projects Slangians made during hackathons and in their free time.

Covid-19: Voice Enabled Dashboard

Born during the Lockdown period, this dashboard was built with a focus on solving small issues that are often passed upon in these tough times but can make a big impact on our lives.
Few engineers got together to find a way to get trustworthy CoVid19 news in the hands of our parents and relatives.
They built a Voice Enabled CoVid19 tracking dashboard.

Elephantine [Android]

Sharpening memory. Spending time with kids. Learning cool new words. This game has it all. (well it was after all built by Giri to keep his son engaged).
If you have kids, give this Android app a whirl. It’s a must-play. We promise you will have a lot of fun.

Note: Still in alpha stage, restart the app if you see items not coming up on the screen.

Dungeon ball

A ball is stuck in a series of tunnels in a dungeon. We need your help to surface it up.

Orb Ball

Do you think you can putt that orb? Think again? This orb is controlled by your voice. A new twist to the old game.  Fair warning, it's super addictive.

Note: Works on Chrome for Desktop and Android.

Voice Maze

Guide the guy stuck in the maze to get to the diamond. Try to finish the maze in the shortest time possible. Share it with your friends to see if they can beat you.

Note: Should work with most devices and OS. Fingers Crossed :-)

Voice Paddle

Let’s keep this simple, coz the game ain’t simple. Hit all the bricks using paddle and ball. Plot twist: Paddle is a little mean, only listens to you. You can’t control it using Mouse or keyboard.

Note: We tested it on laptops, it works. Should work on mobiles as well. Let us know.