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This article is published by Indian Web2 on 04/05/2023

Google-backed Startup from Bengaluru Slang Labs Unveils CONVA 2.0, the Future of Voice Search

Slang Labs launches CONVA 2.0, the future of voice search in Indian e-commerce, revolutionizing the shopping experience with its multilingual AI co-pilot.

India's E-commerce Game-Changer: Slang Labs Unveils CONVA 2.0, the Future of Voice Search

CONVA 2.0, the multilingual shopping co-pilot, powered by Generative AI introduces the next wave of search for e-commerce apps

Slang Labs, a Google-backed startup leading the In-App Multilingual Voice Assistant tech, today announced the launch of CONVA 2.0, a multilingual AI co-pilot, powered by GPT, for e-commerce shoppers. CONVA 2.0 pioneers the concept of a readily available AI co-pilot, that end-users of e-commerce apps can talk to and in their own language, which will help them right through their purchasing journey in the app.

The new generation of CONVA focuses on an intuitive and grounded conversational voice search that works on top of existing keyword-based search engines enabling a better understanding of a user’s intent. The Co-pilot enables users to find answers to all their relevant questions right on the transacting screen, without having to switch to a different screen or application (eg: google search).

According to 68% of people use voice search in place of customer support or FAQs. CONVA 2.0 offers accurate recommendations for all their queries, combining global-level knowledge and app-level information. India houses more than e-commerce businesses, and the inclusion of a multilingual Co-pilot will be a huge game changer for the apps.

Kumar Rangarajan, Co-Founder & CEO, Slang Labs, said “We are excited to introduce CONVA2.0 into the Indian market. With voice search being prominent amongst users, we think this would be the right time to come up with innovative technologies and take voice search to the next level. For instance, users can now use voice to search recipes for a particular dish in a grocery shopping app, and it will list out the ingredients for shopping and easily allow buying those items, thus avoiding the user’s time in researching for the recipe outside the app and also enabling higher purchases for the app. Currently, our focus is on the e-commerce domain and we have plans to enter other categories as well in the future.”

CONVA 2.0 supports voice search for all the information available within the application and uses relevant knowledge from outside as well. Thus, empowering users to find a broad range of information and make an informed purchase decision. The app can now gauge the user’s intent and will be able to make the right personalized suggestions for things to buy, rather than going with general trends. It would be able to solve all the customer queries within the context and visual experience of a traditional e-commerce app.

The startup had recently launched CONVA 1.0, a full-stack solution that provides smart and highly accurate multilingual voice search capabilities inside e-commerce apps. It offers a hassle-free experience to the developers to integrate the SDK into their apps, without needing any knowledge of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural language processing (NLP), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and other advanced voice tech stack concepts. CONVA 2.0, is a major extension to this existing Assistant, adding next-generational AI capabilities to e-commerce apps.

About Slang Labs

Slang Labs is a Google-backed Multilingual Voice Assistant startup from Bangalore, that makes shopping faster, easier and more accessible by naturally leveraging the power of Voice inside e-commerce apps. Our highly accurate and domain-optimized Voice Assistant, CONVA, is powering the Multilingual Voice Search experience of top e-commerce apps in India like Nykaa, Zepto, redBus, Good Glamm, Fresho from BigBasket, etc.

Slang Labs was co-founded in 2017 by experienced founders who had earlier co-founded Little Eye Labs, the first and only Indian company to be acquired by Meta (Facebook) and had earlier worked in global companies like Apple, Microsoft Research, IBM, HP, BlueCoat, etc.”