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This article is published by YOURSTORY on 01/03/2023

Slang Labs launches CONVA – A multilingual Voice Search Assistant for e-commerce applications

Slang Labs launches CONVA – a multilingual Voice Search Assistant for e-commerce applications.

Slang Labs, a Google-backed startup from Bengaluru, has launched CONVA, a full-stack solution that provides smart and highly accurate multilingual voice search capabilities inside e-commerce apps.

CONVA is available as a simple SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be integrated into existing e-commerce apps in less than 30 minutes without developers needing any knowledge of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural language processing (NLP), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and other advanced voice tech stack concepts.  

CONVA-powered voice search comprehends mixed-code (multiple languages in one sentence) utterances, enabling consumers to speak naturally in their own language in order to search for products and information inside e-commerce mobile and web apps - while allowing the brand to maintain its app backend in only one language i.e. English.