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This article is published by YOURSTORY on 04/05/2023

Slang Labs launches a multilingual AI co-pilot powered by GPT

Introducing CONVA 2.0: Multilingual AI co-pilot by Slang Labs, backed by Google. Enhancing e-commerce with intuitive voice search and personalized recommendations.

Slang Labs, a Google-backed startup today announced the launch of CONVA 2.0, a multilingual AI co-pilot powered by GPT, for ecommerce shoppers.

The new generation of CONVA focuses on an intuitive and grounded conversational voice search that works on top of existing keyword-based search engines enabling a better understanding of a user’s intent. The co-pilot enables users to find answers to all their relevant questions right on the transacting screen, without having to switch to a different screen or application (eg: Google Search).

CONVA 2.0 supports voice search for all the information available within the application and uses relevant knowledge from outside as well. The app can now gauge the user’s intent and will be able to make the right personalised suggestions for things to buy. It would be able to solve all the customer queries within the context and visual experience of a traditional ecommerce app.