4 Reasons To Add Voice Search To Your ONDC Ecommerce App

New Market Acquisition
500 Million Digital Bharatiyas are waiting to use your app in their own language. Just the way they shop in a store now - in a natural and conversational way, with real-time assistance from CONVA!
Reduce Funnel Drop-offs
Reduce 30% shopper drop-off caused by text search related issues in the E-commerce app - because multilingual voice search is more natural, simpler and faster for most shoppers!
Nykaa Voice Search Demo GIF
Higher Product Discoverability
Better product discoverability can increase the probability of a search converting into a sale by up to 200% and thereby increase the sales for the Ecommerce business!
Demand Insights
New insights about categories and preferences of shoppers can be gathered by analysing the voice utterance data along with other metrics and events from the user journey.


100% OFF

For the first 6-months from signup.
No Credit Card needed.

50% OFF

On standard pricing plans from 7 - 12 months (6 months duration)


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Get Voice Search For ONDC App

Terms & Conditions

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is available only for Ecommerce Apps that are built for ONDC. This is a limited period offer that is applicable only for those Ecommerce apps that sign up for the CONVA Search before 11:59 pm on 31-Dec-2023.

How do I avail this offer?

You can avail this offer by clicking on the "Get Voice Search for ONDC App" button that is available in the OFFER DETAILS section of this web page.

How do I pay for this offer?

Your payments will start only after 6 months of sign up. So, we do not collect any money or credit card information at this point in your subscription. We are also working on making an online payment gateway available on our website soon, which would be used in future to subscribe to our plans and pay for them.

When does my offer duration start?

Your offer starts from the date you sign up on the CONVA Search signup page. Note: All months refer to calendar months in this description.