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Benchmarking report

Slang VS Google Voice Search

We're frequently asked by our customers, "How does Slang Retail Assistant compare to Google Voice Search?"

We ran a comparative analysis where we directly compared their performances against one another.

Download this benchmarking report to learn all the details.

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Slang Retail Voice Assistant Is

46% Better Voice Search Overall

Slang In-App Voice Assistant outperformed Google Voice Search by 46%

45.9% Better for Search Quality

Slang In-App Voice Assistant's Search Quality is 45.9% better overall.

11.69% Better at Speech Recognition

Slang In-App Voice Assistant is 11.69% better at Speech Recognition.


Spectrum of Data Crowd Sourced

3000 Audio Samples

To run this experiment, 3000 Voice Commands spoken in multiple accents and dialects were crowd sourced.

Sourced From Over 10 States

The audio samples collected have been crowd sourced from multiple states from various corners of India.

100+ Retail Items Covered

The audio samples crowd sourced speak the names of 100+ commonly searched retail products.

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Slang Labs provides accurate and multilingual in-app voice assistants. These voice assistants can be used out of the box for android and web apps with just a few lines of code.