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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing of Slang CONVA?

Our philosophy is that nobody should hesitate experimenting with voice search in apps because pricing is a barrier. Pricing of Slang CONVA is based on MSUs (Monthly Slang User) i.e. all the unique voice (CONVA) users across a calendar month.

Where is the Slang Labs office?

What exactly is Slang CONVA?

CONVA stands for COnversational iN-app Voice Assistant. It is a full-stack solution that is consumed as an SDK by any existing mobile or web app. Upon integration, the SDK enables voice search and other functionalities in the app.

How do I get the Slang CONVA?

You can reach out to us by clicking on "Get Started" or "Book a Demo" buttons anywhere in this website or by writing to Then our team will contact you and help you get started with the Slang CONVA integration.

How hard is it to integrate CONVA SDK?

Depending on the platform for which you are integrating the Slang CONVA SDK, you will need different amounts of effort. Our basic Voice Search implementation can be completed within a matter of minutes with our team's help.

What are the components of CONVA?

Slang CONVA has three major components - an SDK, a cloud backend and a web portal for managing UX. The SDK integrated into the mobile app acts as a window to the cloud platform which hosts most of the voice tech stack.

Is Slang CONVA a hosted solution?

Slang CONVA is hosted in Google Cloud Platform currently. Apps using the SDK don't have to worry about its hosting.

Which industries can use Slang CONVA?

CONVA voice search can be used by ecommerce apps in:
Retail - grocery, FMCG, pharma, fashion, cosmetics
Travel - bus, train and flight booking
Fintech - stocks / equity trading and investments

What languages does CONVA support?

Slang CONVA is architected to support any major language in the world for speech recognition and conversations. But so far, we have tested it on languages like English (Indian, US), Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Spanish & Vietnamese.

Is Slang CONVA a chatbot with voice?

NO. Slang CONVA is a smart voice assistant for mobile apps, whereas a chatbot is a parallel solution that is overlayed on top of apps and websites to answer pre-stored questions. Read detailed differences between the two in this page.

How accurate is the speech recognition?

Typically, the voice search accuracy of Slang CONVA is high at around 94% - 96% for English and slightly lesser for Hindi. However, the continuous learning and improvement models of Slang CONVA deliver higher accuracy with more usage.