Now try AI shopping in Nykaa App

CONVA Magic App provides AI assisted shopping experiences inside popular beauty and fashion apps like #Nykaa #Myntra #Amazon and more for other categories

Now try AI-assisted shopping in Nykaa App!

Recently we asked a bunch of young women to tell us how AI could make a difference inside their favourite beauty and personal care shopping apps like Nykaa. We got some interesting answers that opened our eyes to new possibilities with GenAI!

  1. Most of the shopping for beauty products happens before they open the app!
  2. Shopping on beauty apps is NOT only for typical cosmetics and fashion needs!
  3. A lot of women don't know the terms for the category of products that they need!
  4. Most women depend on the advice/suggestions of peers and influencers to shop!

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Insight #1: Shopping starts outside the app!

Problem: Most women discover products and, many times, even the need for a product via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and from peers / social groups. They do most of the research before hand and then start searching for a very specific product - usually a specific brand endorsed by the influencer - and then end up buying only that product directly in the shopping app. This means hundreds of brands and products never get discovered by the shoppers despite having a clear need for those products!

AI solve: If the traditional "search and browse" feature of the app is augmented with an Ask to Find capability, shoppers can find the right products and brands for themselves using the app - without having to invest time in researching them online a priori.

Insight #2: Beauty goes beyond vanity!

Problem: Apps like Nykaa offer millions of products that go way beyond the typical cosmetics viz. lipstick, nail polish, toners and foundation creams. Nykaa acts as a marketplace for launching many new D2C products that offer solutions for several problems faced by women in their personal care or for their medical issues. But most shoppers are not aware of these solutions and end up searching online or ask their near and dear ones for suggestions. And, some concerns are so personal or embarrassing that they may not be able to open up about them to even close friends or family.

AI Solve: AI Assistants, because of their impersonal nature, offer a level of anonymity and sense of confidentiality that helps women (or men) to open up about their concerns and seek advise from them. So, having AI assistants well versed in the app's product catalog can help such people get solutions to their concerns immediately in the app without even having to go to a store!

Insight #3: You can't buy what you don't know!

Problem: Many personal care, women's hygiene and beauty related concerns have existing solutions in the market but the product names and their categories are not obvious or known to the common shoppers - excepting some mavens and influencers!

AI Solve: Discovering a whole new category of products or new products for some beauty and personal care concerns is possible when the shopper is able to ask intent-based queries about their problems - which is exactly what an AI Assistant can do for apps.

Insight #4: Knowledge is critical to shop!

Problem: For most beauty and personal care or even personal health related concerns, women find solutions from their peers, mothers, grandmothers, aunts or even social media influencers. They won't know why something works or doesn't work. And many of these people (except influencers) may not even be aware of the latest products and solutions for these common problems!

AI Solve: When young women and girls are empowered to ask their queries directly to an AI Assistant, they discover the best and wisest answers from the global internet knowledge, as well as from some of the "high voted" answers from the app's own blogs too. This helps them discover the best solution for their concerns quickly and easily without having to scour the search results endlessly!

But does this AI thing really work in apps?

No product is perfect! AI assistants are probabilistic in nature. However, CONVA AI platform bases a lot of its answers on the authentic and validated information published by the app itself - which would have undergone rigorous verification for its veracity already. And where it cannot find answers, it tries to find the best rated answers from the internet and present it to the shoppers on app. You can try these experiences by installing the CONVA Magic App from Play Store (iPhone App coming soon...) and the link to download it is below.

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