Can voice search solve ecommerce app users’ problems?

Ecommerce users face challenges finding products with traditional text-based search options. CONVA powered voice search from Slang Labs can solve problems such as typing difficulties, inaccurate search results, language barriers, and time-consuming searches, improving the shopping experience.

The rise of e-commerce has transformed the way we shop, making it easier than ever to buy products and services from the comfort of our homes. However, as convenient as e-commerce can be, users still face challenges when it comes to finding the products they are looking for. This is where CONVA-powered voice search from Slang Labs comes in, particularly in mobile apps, which can help to solve several problems that Ecommerce app users face while using traditional text-based search options.
Here are some problems that voice search can solve for eCommerce app users:

Typing difficulties:

Some users may find it challenging to type on their mobile devices, particularly if they have small screens or limited dexterity. With voice search, users can search for products by speaking instead of typing, which can be much more accessible and convenient.

Inaccurate Search Results:

Voice search is designed to provide accurate results. By using NLP technology, voice search can understand the context of the user's query, helping to ensure that the search results are more relevant to the user's needs. Furthermore, voice search allows users to not only search for a product name or brand but also filter search results by price, size, or other filters. This can help users to find the products they are looking for more quickly and efficiently, ultimately improving their shopping experience.

Time-consuming search:

Searching for products on an eCommerce app can be time-consuming, particularly if the user has to type in long search queries. Voice search can speed up the search process significantly by allowing users to speak their search terms, leading to faster results.

Language barriers:

Not all eCommerce app users may be proficient in the language of the app they are using. One of the primary benefits of voice search in e-commerce apps is natural language processing (NLP) technology, which allows users to search for products using natural language queries. This means that users can search for products using the same language that they would use when speaking to a human rather than having to type out specific keywords.

This can make the search process more intuitive and improve the user experience by reducing the frustration that users may feel when trying to type out a search query.

Inability to multitask:

Text-based search requires users to type in their search queries, which can be challenging to do while multitasking. Voice search can help to make Ecommerce apps more convenient and accessible for users who are on the go. Users who

are driving, walking, cooking, or doing other activities may find it difficult to use a touch screen or keyboard to navigate an Ecommerce app. However, with voice search, these users can simply speak their search queries, making the app more convenient and accessible for a wider range of users.

Complex queries:

Some eCommerce app users may struggle to construct complex search queries using text-based search. With voice search, users can speak their queries naturally, making it easier to construct complex search queries and find the products they're looking for.

Voice search technology is not just limited to solving problems for Ecommerce app users. It can also provide several benefits for e-commerce businesses themselves. For example, by integrating voice search into their apps, businesses can collect more data about their users' preferences and search behavior. This data can be used to improve the relevance of search results, offer personalized recommendations, and tailor the user experience to the needs and preferences of individual users.

CONVA-powered voice search in mobile apps can help to solve several problems that Ecommerce app users face, including typing difficulties, time-consuming searches, the need for more intuitive search queries, language barriers, accurate results, accessibility, and hands-free operation. By integrating CONVA voice search technology into their Ecommerce apps, businesses can improve the overall shopping experience for their customers, ultimately driving more sales and building customer loyalty.

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