CONVA Magic - The app that thinks it's magic, but, really, it's just trying its best 🎩✨

Introducing CONVA Magic, the app that auto-magically adds #GenAI capabilities to popular Indian e-commerce apps

At Slang Labs, we've embarked on a mission to introduce AI to the masses, because who doesn't want to confuse everyday users with delightful and occasionally befuddling AI experiences in their apps? Today, we're taking another of our typical, slightly awkward steps in that direction.

Introducing CONVA Magic, the app that auto-magically adds CONVA AI to popular e-commerce apps, like a not-so-magical wizard sprinkling AI dust everywhere. 🪄

So, what exactly is this CONVA AI thing?

CONVA AI is our AI platform that aspires to bring meaningful and delightful AI-powered conversational experiences to apps, through a Voice-first Co-pilot. You know, the one that usually requires developers to do some fancy integration stuff with an SDK.

And now, drumroll please...

Behold, CONVA Magic, our latest invention! It brings the CONVA AI experience to apps without needing any of that pesky SDK integration. It's like AI on-demand for the lazy geniuses.

But how does one use this so-called Magic app?

Simply install the CONVA Magic app from the Android Play Store (we promise an iOS version is coming soon) and pick one of the 10 popular e-commerce apps on the home screen. CONVA Magic will open that app and do its thing, which is to sprinkle some AI glitter on it.✨

Open the Magic App, click on your favorite e-commerce app, and watch in amusement as CONVA AI takes over.

"But what can CONVA AI really do?" you ask.

Well, CONVA AI acts as a Voice-first Copilot, kind of like your friendly but slightly confused sidekick throughout your shopping journey. It helps you find products and answers to burning product-related questions, like:

🔍 "Hey, what's that thing that's similar to this thing I'm searching for?"

💡 "Tell me everything about this palak paneer, including its life story."

🔥 "What's the difference between an inverter and a UPS? No, seriously, I have no clue."

🔍 "Is this product Made in India, or did it take a world tour before landing here?"

💡 "Can I return stuff even if I've had it for like, a month or something?"

And that's just the beginning. CONVA AI promises to do even more stuff over time, so stay tuned for its evolving confusion and enlightenment.

Still not convinced? Here's a short demo of the bizarre and wonderful things you can experience with CONVA AI inside the supported apps when accessed through the CONVA Magic app.

But wait, there's more! Can I add support for other apps I use for shopping, you ask?

Soon, very soon, we'll let you add CONVA AI to any e-commerce app of your choosing. It's currently in beta, which means it's like a sneak peek of our inner workings. Don't worry; we'll release it when we're confident it's only mildly chaotic.

Now, why are we doing all this, you wonder?

CONVA AI is our quirky passion project, born from years of tinkering with Voice Assistants and powered by the mystical GenAI. It's been integrated into some of the most popular e-commerce, travel, and BFSI apps, leaving a trail of user bafflement and occasional awe.

CONVA Magic is our way of bringing that quirky experience and its quirkiest capabilities directly to you, our end-users. It helps us build more quirky features, more quickly, and lets us hear your delightful feedback firsthand.

If, by some strange twist of fate, you're interested in adding support for CONVA AI natively into your app, please do write to us @

And if you're feeling particularly adventurous, go ahead and download the CONVA Magic app here. It's almost as entertaining as watching a clown try to do magic tricks! 🪄✨