Google says namaste to Slang Labs via Google Assistant Investments program

Slang Labs becomes one of the first players in the In-App Voice Assistant space globally to be backed by Google

Today, we are happy to announce an investment from the Google Assistant Investments program, along with 100x Entrepreneurs, Velu Murugan, Thomas George, and their existing investor Endiya Partners. With this announcement, Slang Labs becomes one of the first players in the In-App Voice Assistant space globally to be backed by Google.

As technology grows more pervasive in people’s daily lives due to the ongoing pandemic, In-App Voice Assistant is a promising touchpoint for e-commerce and other interactions online. Through this technology, consumers will be able to do online transactions in their apps through the power of their voice, and in their preferred language.

Apps are how consumers primarily connect and transact with the brands today, and in the foreseeable future. But customers of today and tomorrow (aka the Next Billion Users) have a problem with using apps. They are intimidated by the English-only experience of it. They also face other complexities that come with the rigidity of a touch-only experience like typing on a small keyboard, not knowing how to get to a particular page, spelling mistakes, and others.

But for brands, making the app available in multiple languages or simplifying the user experience is a hard, costly, and time taking challenge.

Enabling multilingual Voice-based interactions inside their apps, even if the visual language of the app continues to be in English, is an opportunity for businesses to easily solve these problems and quickly reach the 400+million users in tier 2 markets and beyond.

This is exactly what we have been focussing on at Slang Labs, through our smart, multilingual Slang In-App Voice Assistant and our Voice Assistant as a Service (VAaaS) delivery model, which enables brands to easily add our Assistant into their apps and customize it to fit their data and visual needs.

This investment by Google emphasizes the importance of Voice inside Apps and highlights the most significant technology trend for this decade — Voice. Voice is for this decade, what mobile apps were for the last decade, — the most disruptive and democratizing technology trend that enables millions of businesses and billions of people to transact better online and across multiple domains. At Slang Labs, we have seen an increase in demand for this technology during the pandemic and will continue innovating for a better consumer interface experience.

About Google Assistant Investment Program

Launched in 2018, the Google Assistant Investment Program supports early-stage companies that are moving the voice and assistance ecosystem forward across a diverse range of fields, from travel to games. The program provides access to Google engineers, product managers, and design experts to share technical guidance and product development feedback, as well as features and tools so startups can bring their products to market as quickly as possible.

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