Product Updates — June 2019

We have been making a lot of improvements to Slang by continuously releasing new features. Here are some of the cool new features we released in the past three months - New Translucent UI, List Processing and of course Dark Mode.

We have been working on a lot of interesting features but never talked much about it, other than to the customers with whom we work closely. We wanted to change that, and open up a bit more about what we have been up to. Here is the first installment of those updates. Hope you find it as interesting as we found it exciting building it.

New Translucent UI

Slang's New Translucent UI

Slang by default provides the UI elements needed for adding the voice experience. We wanted to provide a UI that is minimalistic, modern, easy to use and blends naturally into any application inside which we integrate. We also did extensive user research to understand how end users interact with our UI elements and where they get stuck. And the resultant effort is this shiny new surface that enables our end users to more naturally get trained on using voice experiences and blends well with any app.

Processing Entities as a List

Multiple products in a list being spoken in one go

Entities, the pieces of data that are available inside a command that an end user speaks, sometimes repeat in natural conversations. End users can specify a single instance or repeating instances of the same entity. For example, when ordering groceries, one could say “add 2 kgs of onion, potato, and wheat” or when shopping, “show me jeans in blue, black or green”.

Similar to the notion of “variable args” in programming languages, Slang allows developers to just specify that a particular entity should be treated as a list and we will grab all of them and return it at inference time.

Marking an entity as "list" type

Dark Mode in Console

Dark mode in Slang Console

The Slang Console is where our users spend a significant portion of their journey, configuring the various intents/entities and also analyzing the usage patterns via our analytics. And everyone loves a dark theme and the whole world seems to be going gaga over this (Android did it. Now Apple has also followed suit, enabling it across the OS). We did not want to be left behind and so we have it for you, available through simple toggle as shown above.

More updates coming

Stay tuned as we continue working with more developers and also dogfooding Slang internally constantly. If you are interested in seeing some specific features do let us know at or just leave a comment here.