Slang Visits … Experience Fridays at Redd Experience Design

Slang Labs visited Redd Experience Design and conducted a workshop on Voice Augmented eXperiences(VAX).

On the Friday, 30th November, Slang’s Kumar Rangarajan and Ved Mathai visited Redd Experience Design and held a workshop on Voice Augmented eXperiences (VAX) for Apps. In a small intimate gathering with around 15 people, Slang inaugurated its hopefully long relationship with the design community at large.

Ved Mathai taking a workshop on Voice Augmented eXperiences(VAX)
Ved Mathai taking a workshop on Voice Augmented eXperiences(VAX)

As a small company exploring uncharted territory, it is very easy for us to fall into our own echo chamber and create products that may not fly when out there in the wild. We went into the meeting after a week or two of deliberation and with a lot of nervousness to introduce our baby to the new world of UX designers and HCI engineers, but were super stoked with the response we received. We introduced them to the new principles of Voice Augmented Experiences, or the concept of Voice + GUI, over a fun, interactive and involved one and a half hours, capped with some tea and samosas.

The questions asked stand as testimony to the fact that the new world of voice is super exciting for brands, product managers, UX designers and engineers but there is still a large amount of territory there is to be conquered in terms of engineering, UX, conversation modeling etc.

Going forward, we at Slang are super pumped up to incorporate the feedback from this pioneering (for us at least) event and repeat it at many more venue with many more trailblazers like you. Drop us a mail at if you’d like us to host a talk. :)

Last, but definitely not least, we’d like to give a huge shout out to Sharan and Priti from Redd Experience Design, for this awesome opportunity! Keep up the good stuff.