Travel Voice Assistant

Slang in-App Voice Assistant for Travel Ecommerce

Out-of-box Features

Slang In-App Voice Assistant for Travel Ecommerce delivers a well-designed voice experience across multiple user journeys that are frequently used in a Travel Booking App to deliver maximum business value - quickly!

Voice Navigation

Jump from current screen to anywhere

Voice Promotions

Promote deals and offers within a context
Features of in-App Voice Assistant

Voice Search

Search products and information

Voice Actions

Perform end-to-end transactions

Slang In-App Voice Assistant for Travel Ecommerce is built on top of the sophisticated VAaaS - Voice Assistant as a Service - Platform that provides full-stack voice technology capabilities when you integrate a simple, low-code, light-weight SDK into your Android or Web App

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Slang Labs provides accurate and multilingual voice assistants. These in-app intelligent virtual assistants can be used out of the box for android and web apps with just a few lines of code.

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