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Voice Buddy(Beta) - New feature launched . Read here to learn more.
Complexities in building an In-App Voice Assistant vs Slang Method

Evaluating Whisper's Spoken Language Identification capabilities

Our experiments with evaluating the Spoken Language Identification (SLID) capabilities of the Whisper ASR model and comparing it with CLSRIL-23

September 25, 2022

Slang Retail Assistant Better than Google Voice Search - A Benchmarking Report Analysis

We're frequently asked by our customers, "How does Slang Retail Assistant compare to Google Voice Search?" so we ran a benchmarking test where we compared their performances. Read this blog post for a quick summary!

September 9, 2021

Software Architecture Design and Engineering at a Startup

How to mitigate challenges in designing software at an early-stage startup

July 28, 2021

Add Voice Commands to Android Apps

A guide to add voice commands to mobile applications.

April 21, 2021

A Hand Worker’s Tale

Why and how we implement a lot of manual work to create the best e-commerce catalog in our domains

March 4, 2021

Layer your cache system like a wedding cake

How we used a series of caches to decrease inference latencies

February 26, 2021

Slang Blueprints: A feedback loop for continuous learning

A case for semi-automated feedback for template improvements

January 31, 2021

Slang Blueprints: Heuristics for the semi-automated feedback system

Detail description of the heuristics for the semi-automated feedback system

January 31, 2021

Complexities in building a custom In-App Voice Assistants

Want to build a custom Voice Assistant for your app? Do NOT build one from scratch. It's harder than it looks

December 2, 2020

Indic Language Stack for Voice Assistants and Conversational AI

Bhārat Bhāṣā Stack will catalyze Voice Assistant and Conversational AI innovations for vernacular Indic languages as India Stack did for FinTech.

September 25, 2020

How does the assistant builder work?

Go in-depth into understanding how the assistant builder works. Blog 4 of the assistant builder series.

August 5, 2020

Assistant Builder vs. Building from Scratch

Reasons why the Slang's assistant builder is more valuable than packaged solutions or solutions built from scratch. Part 3 of Assistant Builder series.

August 4, 2020

Slang’s Assistant Builder - helps you forget about intents and entities

Using Slang's Assistant is an abstraction over intents and entities, which helps users set up the assistant without needing to understand too many NLP concepts. Part 2 of Slang Assistant blog series.

August 3, 2020

Natural Language Processing for Voice Assistants 101

NLP is a critical component for building voice and conversational assistants. Deconstruct the basic terminologies of NLP in this blog. Part 1 of Slang Assistant blog series.

August 2, 2020

Python Microservices, Part 4: API, Object, and Storage Data Models

Design API data model for communicating with the service, object model for the application logic, and storage model for persisting the data.

March 31, 2020

Python Microservices, Part 3: Effective Canonical Logging across Services

Learn how to design, implement, test and configure canonical logging across microservices using Python and Tornado web framework.

March 15, 2020

Python Microservices, Part 2: Build and Test REST endpoints with Tornado

Learn to implement Tornado HTTP endpoints as a layer on business logic. Tune it to assist debugging, and write unit and integration tests.

March 11, 2020

Python Microservices, Part 1: Choices, Key Concepts, and Project setup

Evaluate languages and frameworks, learn asyncio and layered design, and setup lint, test, code coverage tooling from the very beginning.

February 24, 2020

Speech Recognition with Python

Comparing 9 most prominent alternatives.

February 14, 2020

How to build Python transcriber using Mozilla DeepSpeech

Transcriber with PyAudio and DeepSpeech in 66 lines of Python code.

January 15, 2020
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